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Sparus aurata

It is a fish with an oval body. It has large scales, a golden stripe that goes from one eye to the other and a black spot on the top of the operculum.

They are fish of coastal habits, it is found in depths between 5 and 30 m, but adult ones can occur up to 150 m during spawning season.

It lives alone, on sandy and rocky sea bottoms. It feeds on fish, crustaceans and molluscs.

Its length ranges between 25 and 35 cm, but it can reach 60 or 70 cm.

Its spawning season is during the winter. Its fishing season is from September to December.

It is captured with different gear: Dragnet, trammel, longline and at certain times of the year it is captured with fixed gillnets.

A white fish with a very tasty and appreciated meat that, in addition to being low in fat, contains very few calories.