Sepia officinalis

Cephalopod mollusc with a stout, oval-shaped and flat body. It has eight arms and two longer tentacles, equipped with suction disks that it uses to hunt and reproduce. The colour is very variable, dorsally, from a very pale greyish brown to a darker brown, the underbody is whitish. It has, like other octopi, an organ that produces ink and uses it to defend itself.

It lives on sandy sea bottoms. An active predator that feeds mainly on crabs and small fish.

Its length ranges between 15 and 25 cm, but can reach 49 cm in length.

Its spawning season is throughout the year, especially from February to October.

It is captured with different gear: Dragnet and trammel.

Its meat is very rich in vitamins and has a high content of phosphorus, calcium, potassium and proteins.