Pagellus erythrinus

It is a fish with a pointed snout and a big mouth, with the inside of its mouth of black colour. The eyes oval-shaped and small. It is orange grey with a red stripe at the entrance of the gills and blue spots on the top.

It lives on sandy or muddy sea bottoms that is usually between 20 and 100 m deep, near the coast. It is omnivorous and feeds on invertebrates and small fish.

Its length ranges between 20 and 40 cm, with a maximum length of 44 to 60 cm.

Its spawning season is between spring and autumn. Its fishing season is from December to April.

It is captured with different gear: Dragnet, fixed gillnets, trammel and longline.

A white fish, its meat is soft, delicate and highly appreciated. It stands out for its protein content and minerals (phosphorus, potassium).