Sarda sarda

Blue fish with a fusiform body, the mouth is very large and the body is covered with very small scales. It is bright blue on the back and with slightly oblique dark stripes from head to tail. The lower part of the sides and belly are silver.

It is a fish that lives in the upper part of the marine environment. It feeds on small crustaceans, small fish and cephalopods.

Its most common length is from 25 to 65 cm with a maximum of 90 cm.

Its spawning season goes from May to July.

It is captured with different gear: Fixed gillnets, trammel and longlines.

It is often considered a true treasure that has exceptional nutritional properties. It has organoleptic qualities similar to those of tuna, but the meat is perhaps more tasty and is rich in minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, sodium and potassium.